The Dynamic Studio boasts of its specialty in excellent photography experience in all fields like corporate photography, product photography, wedding photography, event photography, family photography etc. We also cater for high-end portfolio making for a unique fashion experience. We are best-in-line with the latest of equipments and gadgets. We provide the best photographers who can capture all your special moments and make them into a long lasting memory, the image of which will stay in your minds forever.

It was in 1979 that Dynamic Studio was started by Mr.Vivek Bhardwaj providing services in photography and videography. Between the years 1980-85, the studio moved to Sector 17 and 19 to get a better grasp in the photography industry. Dynamic Studio was started with the name “Bhardwaj Video Production” but was later changed to “Bhardwaj Studio” when it was established in Sector 17. The name was re-changed finally to “Dynamic Studio” in the year 2001 and it also had its presence in Sector 8, Chandigarh.

Our esteemed clients include the names of Unicam India Ltd, Abbott Healthcare, Godrej, Cadbury, Pfizer, Govt. of India(Ministry of culture) to name a few.
We have a brilliant team of creative professionals who will leave no stone unturned to provide you with an unparalleled experience in the realm of photography. Whether you wish to have a personal or a professional photography session, a day with us will surely make you look and feel more beautiful and boost your self-confidence. You will develop a whole new perspective to look at things.

We wish to cater for a unique personal service that we offer with images of excellent and unparalleled quality and that too at very competitive prices according to the market. There has been consistent growth of Dynamic Studio and this has only been possible because of the personal referrals and the frequency of repeated business that we get from our loyal customers who are fully satisfied with all the services that we provide.

Our photographs speak for themselves and you can ask for your free sample which will help you to assess the quality and precision of the work that we do and what we are known for in the industry of photography. We strive hard to achieve our mission to design a tailor-made portfolio for you that it is able to capture your personality in the best possible manner and also unveil the true beauty that is there in your expressions and gestures.

Right from our cameras to the procedure of processing of photographs, we are fully digital. We ensure great quality and settle for nothing less than perfect. We give the best quality photographs for processing and printing and these are the ones that will last a lifetime. Our expertise, knowledge and experience puts us way above the rest of our competitors.

We, at Dynamic Studio provide you with photography that is suited for all your needs and requirements. According to us, a good photograph is the one that makes you laugh or makes you cry by pulling the strings in your heart and also brings all your emotions alive by merely looking at it. We click such moments of your life for you and we make your special moments even more special for you. We can get you the best kind of photography and that too, at reasonable rates.

A picture is worth a thousand words and our desire is that you cherish each and every word that the picture reminds you of and think about them in an endless manner. It is also a fact that anyone can take a picture but it takes something more to capture a unique moment.