Corporate photography
Corporate Photography plays a very pivotal role in growth as well as in promoting an organization. This kind of photography aids the electronic as well as the print media to enhance the objectives and mission of a firm by highlighting the prospectus of the company.
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Product Photography
No business can exist without products and therefore, it is mandatory to present the products of your company in the most attractive way. Customers believe what they see and hence, just having a product which has a good quality is not enough. Product photography determines whether your product is noticed in the market or is merely kept tucked away somewhere.
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Passport Photography services
We all get the need to apply for passport or visa some time or the other in our lives. It is quite a complex process and very minute reasons may delay the whole process and you may have to start right from the beginning. The delays that happen are mostly due to the fact that the specifications of the application process are not met. Read more
Family Photography
Family photography is considered to be the most difficult kind of photography to perform. The toughest part in taking a family photograph is to synchronize all the members of the family for that one moment when the picture is taken. The photographer faces many challenges while clicking a family picture. The ideal thing to do in this scenario is to keep things simple. Read more
Matrimonial Portfolio Making
There are many people nowadays, boys as well as girls who make the use of matrimonial websites, advertisements in the newspapers etc to find their life partners and bind in holy matrimony. There is a need to make their matrimonial portfolios as well which can help them in the best possible way to find a suitable match. Read more
Event Photography services
Event photography services help you to remember, cherish and acknowledge a memorable event of your lifetime for years to come. You would also require a skilled event photographer who has the requisite expertise to assume control of your entire event. Read more
Wedding photogaphy services
The basic idea of photography is to keep the memory of an event preserved due to the fact that it is impossible for the human mind to retain a happening for a long time in one’s mind. Read more

Dynamic Studio

The Dynamic Studio boasts of its specialty in excellent photography experience in all fields like corporate photography, product photography, wedding photography, event photography, family photography etc. We also cater for high-end portfolio making for a unique fashion experience. We are best-in-line with the latest of equipments and gadgets. We provide the best photographers who can capture all your special moments and make them into a long lasting memory, the image of which will stay in your minds forever.
It was in 1979 that Dynamic Studio was started by Mr.Vivek Bhardwaj providing services in photography and videography. Between the years 1980-85, the studio moved to Sector 17 and 19 to get a better grasp in the photography industry. Dynamic Studio was started with the name “Bhardwaj Video Production” but was later changed to “Bhardwaj Studio” when it was established in Sector 17. The name was re-changed finally to “Dynamic Studio” in the year 2001 and it also had its presence in Sector 8, Chandigarh.

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